Heritage Home Design is proud to provide the residents of the suburban town of Oakville with quality replacement doors and windows. We believe quality windows and doors play an important role in preserving this town’s long standing history of historic homes and neighborhoods.

Our dedication to the consistent delivery of quality products has taken Heritage Home Design to the top of the industry. In 2012, our company was recognized as the “best-of-the-best,” receiving the coveted Window City’s Premier Dealer Program Award.

Our doors and windows are built to withstand the harshest conditions of Oakville with minimal maintenance and guaranteed longevity. More importantly, we recognize the trend towards environment conservation and sustainability among many of our clients. In this regard, our quality products exceed Canadian regulations to qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating.

So, if you feel like you are spending a lot more on your energy bills because of your increasingly drafty, old windows, or perhaps you believe that it’s time to upgrade your home and make it more comfortable with new, energy efficient doors and windows, Heritage Home Design has you covered.

Windows Available in Oakville

If you notice a water leakage in your Oakville residence, chances are that the water penetration problem is originating from the closest entrance door or windowpane. Sometimes, such issues could also be due to damage in the walls close to the leakage, the roof, or the space between the window and the wall. It is important for you to locate the underlying cause of the problem, whether it is water penetration or cold drafts, to determine whether the window and door replacement will address the issue.

At Heritage Home Design, we have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Our professional technicians are always ready to investigate your concerns and propose the most appropriate solution to your problem. Our aim is not only delivering quality products, but also solving the real problem. This could mean working with other professionals to ensure that the efficiency of your newly installed windows is not compromised by other structural problems.

We provide a wide range of energy efficient custom windows, from casement windows to awnings and many more classic and contemporary options to suit your style. You can personalize your windows investment to the last detail – design, size, color, glazing, and even hardware.

Doors Available in Oakville

When shopping for a replacement main entry door, patio door, or garage door, security is one of your top priorities. Our high quality doors are built to keep burglars and the elements out, and your family and possessions safe and comfortable inside.

Heritage Home Design’s doors are also designed to add curb appeal to your property and meet your needs in terms of energy efficiency, natural lighting, sizing, and color. We offer an all uPVC door frame system, and accommodate several entry door panel options, including wood, vinyl, and fiberglass to satisfy the different needs of our Oakville clients.

If you are looking for a truly unique patio door in Oakville, Heritage Home Design offers an extensive glass selection that is unmatched in the industry. Combined with our full customization service, from size to hardware, your door replacements will definitely add comfort, efficiency, security, beauty, and value to your home.