Compare the difference between our windows; from casement and awning Windows, to single and double slider and single and double hung windows.

Casement WindowCasements:A casement window is a window that swings open inwardly or outwardly. Like a door, the casement window swings on hinges. It can be fitted with either a latch or a handle that is used to crank the window open.


An awning window is a casement window that is hung horizontally, hinged on top, so that it swings outward like an awning. Rain or shine, awning windows can easily improve ventilation, especially in temperate climates. If opening needs a reach like in a kitchen sink or counter, awning windows are a great option even if the original window has a different style. In fact, awning windows are often combined with other vinyl windows Toronto styles.

Single Hung WindowSingle Slider:

A single slider window glides horizontally (from side to side). One sash is a fixed panel, while the other one moves and opens to the left or right. It also has a screen that covers half the window. Sliding panels are designed to tilt inside for easy cleaning.

Single Hung:

Sometimes called a fixed window, a single hung window is the most basic type of window available. A single hung window consists of two sashes, one on the top that does not move and another one on the bottom that moves vertically. Sometimes called a fixed window. The primary pro of a single hung window is that it limits air intrusion, as there are no seams that should be blocked with window seals. Also, since it opens up instead of out, single hung window doesn’t take up exterior space when opened. It is suitable for areas, such as adjoining walkways, verandas, patios and other high-traffic spots.

Double Hung WindowDouble Slider:Designed for all types of climates, double slider windows have two side-by-side glass panes that both slide horizontally. Deemed by many as the most valuable window on the market. Perfect for all types of building, double slider windows present you a picturesque scene, plus of course, ample ventilation.Double Hung:

A double-hung window is a window that features an upper and lower window sash that slide vertically past one another in a single casement. A very standard design, they’re a good pick if you want to boost the interior look of your home with wood embellishments. Since they come in very large widths, double hung windows can as well help you save money—you can put one larger double hung window instead of two smaller casement windows Toronto.