Browse through Heritage Home Design’s door options to choose the styles that suit your home, and your needs. We offer beautiful entry doors in a range of sizes, constructions, and designs, with a range of options from paints and stains, to solar solutions and a multi-point locking system.

Lifetime Entry Doors

Our Lifetime  Entry Door Collection incorporates superior structural integrity along with quality and unmatched performance with our exclusive all uPVC, aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system that offers full customization choices from size, configuration, hardware, colour and an extensive glass selection.

Elegance Entry Doors

The Elegance Series of steel doors feature high-definition decorative panel profiles that closely replicate the appearance of a high-end wood door with the ultimate in security.  They truly make a statement with the addition of Decorative Glass inserts for a grand entrance.

Citadel Entry Doors

For the look of traditional wood doors with minimal maintenance our Citadel Smooth doors are designed with high-definition profiles that capture the beauty and elegance of a wood door with the low-maintenance and convenience of fiberglass.

Standard & Custom Configurations and Sizing

The Ultra Sliding Patio Door Collection is available in standard 5′, 6′ and 8′ two panel models as well as 10′, 12′ and 16′ four panel units. Custom sizes are no problem through our automated manufacturing facility. We also offers custom transoms and additional side-lite units to satisfy any design requirement. Our high quality all uPVC doors are designed to expand your entry options and allow you to invite the outdoors into your home.

The Ultra Patio Door Swing Collection is a fully customized entry door system; every door will be made to your exact size requirement. Our automated manufacturing process allows for width and height sizes down to 1/8″ increments. This is truly unique to the door industry; the collection also offers custom transoms and additional side-lite units to satisfy any design requirement. Our high quality all uPVC doors are designed to expand your entry options and allow you to invite the outdoors into your home. The Ultra Patio Doors are available with our Solar Solutions glass options maximizing your energy performance and adding to the security of your home with several multi-point locking systems and safety glass options. The end result is added piece of mind along with maximum energy savings.

Caming Construction

Our Decorative glass panels are handcrafted using solid metals.  All the joints are soldered by hand which ensures the panels will be strong enough to withstand daily use.

Our selection of premium art glass and bevels makes our designs come to life and are hand cut and fitted.  The bubbles, lines, slight surface imperfections or discolourations are characteristic of all hand crafted glass and are not considered defects.

  • Brass Caming – Subtle gloss finish that defines luxury and style.
  • Patina Caming – Black satin finish offers a rustic or antique look to your home.
  • Zinc Caming – Brushed chrome appearance brings a contemporary look to your entrance.

Insulating System

All of our decorative doorlites are made with Super Spacer Cushion  Edge.  This is a flexible, U-shaped, silicone foam tape product used to wrap around and cushion our center decorative panel.  Featuring a vapour barrier backing, the product is used in combination with hot melt butyl which provides a superior Warm-Edge seal.

Hardware System

The Lifetime entry Door Collection has been engineered to incorporate our European locking system.  Even the highest quality door is only as good as its locking mechanism, one that will provide the highest security and the best protection against air and water infiltration. The hardware can be chosen with the Botticelli or Fontana handle and trim-set styles, both are available in four elegant finish options. The hardware is available in our Single Point Trimset or Multi-Point Locking System. Your doors will perform beautifully for years to come.

Single Point Trimset

Our Single Point Trimset has both a keyed lock and deadbolt mechanism incorporated into its design. It is available in both styles of handsets and all four finish options.

Multi-Point Locking System

All internal and exposed components are manufactured using stainless steel and other non-ferrous components for maximum corrosion resistance to ensure durability and function. The tapered hook latch design is unique to our Multi-Point locking system; the compression lock system engages the hook behind the strike plate for a positive, secure seal. The adjustable system accommodates a deadbolt plus at least two more hook latches (additional latches will be added for taller doors).  When opened, the doors reveal a clean, heavy duty face plate which neatly conceals the mortise lock mechanism.  By using this system you ensure both a secure lock that eliminates a potential warping problem with your door plus adds an energy efficient seal.

Paint & Stain Options

We know how important personal choice is to completing the look of your home and we offer eighteen standard paint colour choices for our Steel, Smooth and Textured Fiberglass door panels or fourteen standard stain colour choices for textured Fiberglass and Wood door panels to help you bring your personal style to life.  If you require a custom colour we will match this from your colour sample for a small charge.

Solar Solutions

Tempered glass and double laminated (custom sizes) are standard on the Ultra Patio Door Sliding Collection. Safety, building code compliance, lead times and overall performance are our main concerns and our commitment to homeowners investing in our patio doors. All Ultra Patio doors come standard with tempered glass in both the double and triple glazed units. When a custom sized door is ordered we go the extra mile providing a double laminated unit for the ultimate safety and insuring that lead times are not extended.