Brampton is a municipality filled with vibrant, young families. According to Statistics Canada, Brampton is home to many married couples and has one of the lowest median ages, with multicultural families speaking a variety of languages beyond English and French. Many young people are starting families and therefore want to own their own homes. As Brampton families develop and design the homes of their dreams, Heritage Home Design can help.

As young professionals develop skills and capital, they either move up in seniority within their industry or branch out and start their own businesses. In either case, as a person gains more experience, this generally means their income will also be on the rise. At the same time, the needs of young children change as they grow, personal space for everyone in the family will become increasingly important. In Brampton, many families are looking to upgrade their homes.

There’s also a growing demographic of seniors who are looking to spend their retirement in Brampton and enjoy the spacious and comfortable homes the neighbourhood has to offer.

Like much of the rest of Canada’s largest urban centres, Brampton’s housing market is very competitive. New housing is growing, but that’s only a fraction of the source of homes on the market. Also, less than one quarter of properties sold was a condominium. The replacement and renovation industry has grown immensely in the past decade for a few reasons:

  • New owners like to renovate their homes before they move in,
  • Owners who are poised to sell their homes in the next few years want to increase selling price,
  • Older homes need the work.

Among the top structural goals in renovating are plumbing, heating and cooling, and windows and doors. Replacing windows and doors has three main benefits, including:

  • Increased safety for the family,
  • Better protection from the elements so your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,
  • Improved aesthetics (curb appeal).

In Ontario, there’s also the added benefit of a window rebate, which can mean a tax rebate that scales with the number of windows replaced.

Like many other cities across North America, there are community based organizations which help to bring awareness to being more environmentally friendly, and in Brampton, the County Court Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP) is one such group. They focus on both indoor and outdoor improvements since most detached homes will have some yard space. They place emphasis on Energy Star windows and energy efficient doors. The Energy Star rating is backed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it’s a voluntary program, although it’s been adopted by a number of manufacturers of appliances and building materials.

Although the Brampton housing market is still competitive, it is projected to slow down in the upcoming years, which means that families will have fewer options to choose from. It’s important to make the most of circumstances, and making the decision to invest in green solutions is good for the family as well as the community.