Georgetown has several small towns and villages that surround it which creates an eclectic community. The town’s population is just over 42,000, but its small size is also what makes it such a lucrative real estate market for those looking to escape the city.

Georgetown is home to many trails and conservation areas. With places to visit such as Silver Creek Conservation Area, people at all fitness levels are able to hike and enjoy the scenery. Since Georgetown is on the edge of the GTA, it’s the perfect place for retirees and families looking for a slow-paced living, while still being close to the excitement of a major city just an hour drive away.

Georgetown is a well maintained community, and homeowners expect the same level of care and quality from business’. That’s why homeowners have chosen Heritage Homes to create their dream home.

Windows and Doors

Our windows and door set us apart from the rest. We also have the team and know-how to get your project done fast. That’s why homeowners in the GTA have been coming to us for years.


While most companies offer a warranty on their service, Heritage Home Design’s stands above the rest. Our coverage is exceptional, and we provide you with a manufacturer and installation warranty which covers the window or door for the lifetime of your home.

Free Estimate

At Heritage Home Design, we never charge you for requesting an estimate. This process begins with our team visiting your property to review your requirements, then we ensure you have a full understanding of the costs associated. There are also no hidden fees.

The Affordable Solution

Our service is designed to minimize cost. That’s why we provide the best value in Georgetown for windows and doors. Our quality of work will also increase your home’s energy efficiency so you save on heating and cooling.

To learn more about our windows and doors, call Heritage Home Design today at 647-495-7691 or request a free online estimate here.